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2nd HCT InnCuVation Forum to explore top tech trends and showcase pitches from local startups at Expo 2020

Attendees will delve into the four main sectors during the first two days of the forum, where HCT faculty and industry practitioners will discuss applied research trends relevant to the forum topics, while the final day will be devoted to presentation sessions of HCT. startups, organized by HCT in partnership with the Emirates Angels Investors Association.

Prof. Abdullatif AlShamsi, President and CEO of HCT, highlighted the importance of the HCT InnCuVation forum as it aims to discuss the needs and challenges associated with the four key sectors of society. Accordingly, participants will examine possible solutions to these needs and challenges, which create opportunities for young people to present innovative and solution-oriented future startup concepts based on cutting-edge technologies.

Professor AlShamsi said that since its designation in 2019 as a creative free economic zone for businesses and graduate entrepreneurs, HCT has successfully managed its startup development program. “The program represents a roadmap for students who want to start their own business, adopting their innovative ideas and solutions in the form of applied projects related to key areas,” Prof. AlShamsi said.

He added that these innovative concepts are developed, in conjunction with the growth of student skills, into feasible future ventures that take advantage of advanced technologies and become commercially viable in the market.

Professor AlShamsi said that the labor and industry sectors play a key role in advancing the creation of startups, as well as enhancing the success of HCT’s InnCuVation spaces, through knowledge sharing processes. knowledge about their needs and challenges. In turn, such interactions create opportunities for students to implement solution-oriented projects, contributing to the vital growth of the sector, he added.

Considering the landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship, Prof. AlShamsi highlighted the importance of applied research initiatives, as they are intrinsically linked to the needs of industry and labor sectors.

“By working closely with these sectors, HCT plays a key role as an institution of applied higher education through our expertise and collaborative efforts. These in turn support the implementation of effective research projects that contribute to the development and improvement of working environments and the overall performance of industrial enterprises,” Prof. AlShamsi said.

Mr. Nicola Bettio, Executive Director of Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HCT, noted that higher education institutions play a crucial role as drivers of innovation and impact. economy in modern societies. “Applied research has an impact when it translates into real innovation, adopted by industry and society. At HCT, we strive to work hand-in-hand with our industry and government partners to find solutions to specific challenges and create lasting impact in society as a whole,” said Mr. Bettio.

“We recently launched an important cooperative initiative with Tawazun and Mubadala to leverage the technical capabilities of our students and faculty with the aim of providing engineering solutions to our partners,” he added.

“At the InnCuVation Forum, we will see our startups face off against real investors at a pitch event, organized with the cooperation of the Emirates Angels Investors Association. The startups present were supported by our startup development program, the one of GCC’s largest and most prolific college entrepreneurship programs, with more than 130 startups launched in less than two years and more than 2,700 students engaged in the program,” Bettio concluded.

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About HCT

Founded in 1988, the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the largest applied higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates, earning a well-respected reputation for its innovative educational practices and employment-focused experiential learning. Over 23,000 students attend 16 modern, tech-focused male and female campuses across the UAE. HCT offers more than 70 academic programs in applied media, business, computer science, education, technology and engineering sciences, and health sciences.

These programs are all designed in consultation with business and industry leaders, and incorporate the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure HCT student skills are up-to-date and meet the highest standards. . HCT courses are a hybrid blend of innovative, technology-driven academic studies and work-relevant programs, ensuring that HCT graduates have the 21st century skills needed to make positive and lasting contributions to society in the 4th revolution. industrial.

The HCT 4.0 strategic plan, which is strongly aligned with the objectives of the National Employment Strategy 2031, was launched in March 2019 on the theme of employability and beyond, and consists of three pillars – “Technical Leaders”, “No Emirati Left Behind”. and “Graduated companies”. HCT 4.0 will equip the national workforce of the UAE with the future skills required in the labor market, in order to achieve national goals. It will also allow graduates and employees to familiarize themselves with technological updates and improve their skills, in order to keep up with the accelerated pace of job changes dictated by the 4th Industrial Revolution and the rapid development of artificial intelligence skills. .

HCT is a vital contributor to national programs, including providing educational opportunities to all Emirati men and women and also being advertised as a free zone, under the UAE’s fifty-year charter, which states that the public and private universities in the UAE will be advertised as free. areas that allow students to carry out commercial and creative activities. Additionally, HCT plays a leadership role as a federal institution in promoting applied research opportunities to faculty and students. The HCT has also taken a global perspective on applied education by creating the Global Applied Education Network (GAEN), which sees it partner with global educational institutions. Visit

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