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AVP is about to be implemented massively and tier 1 vendors are seriously promoting parking merge solution

DUBLIN, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The “China Around View System (AVS) Suppliers and Technology Trend Report 2021 – Joint Venture of Automobile Manufacturers” report has been added to from offer.

Automakers JV Panoramic View System Research: Large-scale implementation of AVP is imminent, and AVS vendors are moving forward vigorously with parking fusion solution.

From January to November 2021, a total of 4.266 million vehicles were installed with a Surround View System (AVS) in China, a year-over-year increase of 49.2%, including AVS installations on 1.623 million cars from joint venture brands, sharing up to 38.0% and a year-over-year increase the other 27.9%; the installation rate was 15.3%, up 3.4 points on an annualized basis. Notably, JV brand car prices are between 400,000 RMB and 500,000 RMB and installed with AVS make up the largest share 22.4% (364,000 units) of the total, according to the publisher.

By brands, Tesla, Nissan, and Toyota are at the top echelon of AVS installations (over 200,000 cars each), which are largely driven by top-selling models like Model Y, Model 3, RAV4 and the QASHQAUI. The second echelon is home to Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and BUICK, with AVS installed on 100,000 to 200,000 cars each.

In the third hierarchy, 92,000 BMW cars are configured with AVS, hopefully towards the second echelon. In terms of vehicle models, in 2021 (January-November), the top five vehicle models of joint venture automakers by AVS facilities are the RAV4 (133,000 units), Model Y (130,000 units) and the Model 3 (121,000 units), Mercedes-Benz E Class (100,000 units) and Qashqai (99,000 units).

AVP is about to be implemented massively and tier 1 vendors are seriously promoting parking merge solution.

The parking system is changing rapidly, with the old reversing camera system being increasingly replaced by AVS. The parking solution integrating AVS with ultrasonic sensors is becoming a popular trend. At the same time, suppliers are forging partnerships with OEMs for faster mass production of AVP.

Take Bosch’s Home Zone Park Assist system as an example showcased at BOSCH 2021 Automotive and Intelligent Transport Technology Innovation Experience Day, it performs data fusion through 12 Bosch ultrasonic sensors with a surround-view camera system consisting of 4 short-range cameras, coupled with the reuse of the 4 corner radars (driver assistance function), and successfully enables HPP (Homezone Parking Pilot) by updates software level and without additional hardware sensors. Such a parking solution has been available on GAC AION V.

During the IAA Mobility held in Frankfurt in September 2021Valeo and its partners NTT DATA and Embotech have unveiled their joint AVP (Automated Valet Parking) solution which encompasses ECU, ultrasound, radar and panoramic cameras, and eliminates costly LiDAR.

Progress in autonomous driving facilitates the market for panoramic cameras, and foreign equipment manufacturers strengthen local cooperation.

Along with advancements in autonomous driving technology come the growing number of various perception sensors in vehicles. Each car carries ten to fifteen cameras instead of one to five before, and even more in the future. In addition, automotive CMOS image sensors are increasingly pixel-enhanced, from VGA to 1 megapixel, 2 megapixel and to date 8 megapixel.

To meet the market demand for panoramic cameras, ON Semiconductor, as a leading supplier of CMOS image sensors for automotive cameras, has cooperated with many Chinese self-driving companies. In July 2021, the fifth-generation driverless system – AutoX Gen5, a result of the joint efforts of ON Semiconductor and AutoX was launched, for which ON Semiconductor offered a total of 28 AR0820AT 8-megapixel high-definition image sensors and 4 SiPM LiDAR arrays, thus enabling 360 degree inverted image without any blind spot. At the same time, ON Semiconductor also deepened its collaboration with Baidu Apollo and established a joint studio for image development with the latter, focusing on autonomous image perception solutions.

Sony, another major image sensor vendor, will supply the NIO ET7 (which will ship in March 2022built on the NT2.0 technology platform) and ET5 (to be delivered in September 2022) with the dedicated 3-megapixel high-sensitivity around view cameras.

Compared to the 8MP cameras previously used in ET7, this 3MP camera outperforms in dim light and the outside rearview mirror is also added with an ambient light compensation lamp which acts as a better catalyst for 360 degree panoramic imaging, chassis transparent, guard mode, parking aid, etc.

Main topics covered:

Chapter 1 AVS overview in China

1.1 Definition of automotive AVS

1.2 Automotive AVS system composition

1.3 Passenger car AVS installations and installation rate China2020-2025E (overall)

1.4 Automotive JV AVS Installations, Sales and Installation Rate, 2020-2021

1.5 Automobile Manufacturers JV AVS Installations and Annual Change (by Month), 2020-2021

1.6 Automobile Manufacturers JV AVS Installation Rate and Annual Change (by Month), 2020-2021

1.7 Automobile Manufacturer JV AVS Installations and Installation Rate (by Price), 2020-2021

1.8 Automobile Manufacturer JV AVS Installations and Installation Rate (by Brand), 2020-2021

1.9 Automobile Manufacturer JV AVS Installations and Installation Rate (by Model), 2020-2021

Chapter 2 AVS Features of JV Car Manufacturers

2.1 AVS Feature Comparison Across Automobile JV Manufacturers

2.2 Dongfeng-Nissan

2.3FAW Toyota


2.5 SAIC Volkswagen


2.7 Volvo

2.8 KIA

2.9 Landrover

2.10 Tesla

2.11 Mercedes-Benz

Chapter 3 Foreign AHV Providers

3.1 Basic information on foreign AVS providers

3.2 Panoramic Camera (Passenger Car) Comparison between Foreign AVS Vendors

3.3 Surrounding View System (Passenger Car) Comparison between Foreign AVS Vendors

3.4 Bosch

3.5 Valeo

3.6 Continental

3.7 Magna

3.8 Faurecia

3.9 Denso

3.10 LG Electronics

3.11 ZF

Chapter 4 AVS Industrial Chain and Parts Suppliers in China

4.1 Upstream and Downstream Camera Industry Chain

4.2 Upstream and Downstream AVS Industry Chain in China

4.3 Typical foreign suppliers of AVS components

4.4 ON Semiconductor (automotive CIS domain) – a typical supplier of AVS components

4.5 Sony (Automotive CIS Field) – a typical AVS component supplier

4.6 Sekonix (automotive lens and camera module) – a typical AVS component supplier

Chapter 5 Development Trends of AVS in China

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