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Built In releases report on diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech industry

“To bring about real change, the industry’s commitment to DEI must be a movement, not a moment,” said Built In’s chief marketing officer. Sheridan Orr. “This study shows that we run the risk of the latter, a prospect with disastrous consequences. Only companies that deliver on their DEI promises over the long term will attract and retain qualified professionals, who choose to work for companies that walk the step with this report, we aim to shine a light on critical issues like this to ensure that we come together as an industry to shape the movement humanity needs and the talents it demands.

The year 2020 has seen widespread protests and activism against systemic racism and violence against Black and African Americans. While this has spurred an industry-wide conversation about DEI in the workplace, the tech industry is still overwhelmingly white.

Although companies are hiring 13% more black or African American employees since 2020, the survey shows that this is the most underrepresented group in tech: 62% of employers said fewer than 10% of their employees identify as black or African American. The situation is more extreme at the highest levels: 73% of companies said they had no black or African-American executives.

Employee expectations of employers’ DEI efforts have intensified. More than two in three employees (67%) said they would be more likely to stay in their current job if their employer improved its DEI efforts, a jump from 51% who said so in 2020.

Job seekers indicated that they value employers’ efforts to create diverse, fair and inclusive workplaces: 58% said DEI initiatives are very important to them when considering a job opportunity. This further proves that DEI efforts are becoming a prerequisite for recruitment and retention.

“Built In’s mission is to empower humans to build the future,” said the Built In co-founder and CEO. Maria Christopoulos Katris. “People in this industry will not be empowered until it is truly diverse, equitable and inclusive. We are committed to conducting research and sharing our findings widely as one of our contributions to the solution. This survey provides a foundation on which the industry can build meaningful dialogue, take action and, over time, create the inclusive world that so many are fighting for.”

To read the report, download it here.

Included between December 2021 and January 2022, Built In surveyed tech professionals and employers about DEI in the workplace. The survey asked respondents about companies’ DEI efforts to date, diversity among employees, representation among leaders, discrimination in the workplace, employee sentiment regarding inclusion at work, and workplace inclusion. other salient issues of DEI.

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