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Circumference Group Appoints Chief Technology Officer and Tech Industry Veterans in Significant Expansion

SMALL ROCK, Arch., October 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Circumference Group, a unique, operations-focused investment firm led by the former CEO of Endurance International Jeff Fox, now named Kurt Silverman, Luca Sechi and Virgil Prewitt into newly created leadership positions focused on growing the firm’s private equity strategy. In their roles, Mr. Silverman, Mr. Sechi and Mr. Prewitt will leverage their significant operational and strategic experience to further strengthen Circumference Group’s ability to provide support to its partner companies.

Circumference Group invests in public and private companies, providing long-term committed capital and ongoing support to help partners build sustainable and successful businesses. The company uses its collective operating and investment experience to ensure that its partner companies embed a relentless customer focus into all business functions.

“At Circumference Group, we believe that a company’s long-term success depends on its ability to deliver lasting value to its customers,” said Mr. Fox, CEO and Founder of Circumference Group. “I have personally worked with Kurt, Luca and Virgil in multiple situations over the past decade, and I am delighted to welcome them to Circumference Group as we continue to develop our investment platform.”

Kurt Silverman

Kurt Silverman serves as Circumference Group’s Chief Technology Officer, focusing on technology assessment and strategic review while simultaneously guiding the technology execution of private portfolio companies. He brings to Circumference Group more than 35 years of experience in designing, developing, implementing, managing and selling critical B2C and B2B global platforms for the internet, media, communications, energy and e-commerce.

Prior to joining Circumference Group, Mr. Silverman held leadership positions at Endurance International, Limelight Networks, Convergys, Comverse, CSG International, Lucent, Bell Laboratories and Kenan Systems. He is also a research advisor for cybersecurity at MIT Sloan School of Management. Mr. Silverman holds a Mastersand in Management Information Systems from MIT Sloan School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT

Luca Sechi

Luca Sechi serves as Chief Strategy Officer of Circumference Group, where he leads the firm’s efforts to broaden its investment universe into private and start-up opportunities. In this role, he also helps evaluate investments in the technology sector, focusing on digital marketing, SaaS and the small and medium business market. Mr. Sechi brings to Circumference Group more than fifteen years of experience in developing the strategic vision for large-scale technology companies, as well as the proven ability to acquire deep industry and competitive knowledge by drawing leveraging first- and third-party research and operational data.

Prior to his role at Circumference Group, Mr. Sechi spent nearly ten years at Endurance International, where he held increasingly senior positions in strategic partnerships, product development and corporate strategy. He is also a member of several expert networks and regularly speaks at SaaS and Digital Marketing Industry events. Mr. Sechi holds a master’s degree in business strategy from the Bocconi School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in commerce and administration from catholic university of Milan, Italy.

Virgil Prewitt

Virgil Prewitt is the Principal Architect of Circumference Group, performing technology and operational research and analysis to support the company’s investment decisions. He has over 35 years of experience building and evaluating software, spanning the entire lifecycle of software development, deployment, monitoring and support.

Prior to joining Circumference Group, Mr. Prewitt was a Principal Architect at Limelight Networks, where he was responsible for the video, storage, and as-a-service development organizations. Previously, he was an Enterprise Cloud Architect for Oracle Corporation, where he guided Fortune 500 companies on their journey to the cloud using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and CTO of Trifecta Technologies, where he designed cloud computing solutions. company using the Salesforce solution.

About Circumference Group

Circumference Group is an investment company designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance to its financial partners. The firm draws on the broad and deep operational experience of its team to fully understand the current competitiveness and performance of a target investment and the execution risks that may prevent it from achieving its performance potential. Circumference Group invests when its organizational acumen, operational intelligence and strategic perspective identify pathways to significant value creation with mitigated risk.

Circumference Group was founded in 2009 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors led by Jeff Fox, a proven leader who has held several leadership positions including CEO of Endurance International Group, CEO of Convergys Corp. and Chief Operating Officer of Alltel Wireless. For more than a decade, Circumference Group has successfully invested in public and private markets using its Core Value Assessment (CVA), a proprietary framework that assesses a company’s growth and cash flow potential, as well as its strengths and its organizational and operational weaknesses. CVA underpins all of Circumference Group’s investment strategies. For more information, please visit

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