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By: Jara Kern

Innovation: it is at the heart of everything Pipeline covers everything from emerging use cases and new possibilities to advances in devices, services, connectivity and more. This is also the theme of this month’s issue, and in this roundup of industry headlines, we cover new research insights, partnerships, use cases and developments in 5G and networks that tell how innovation is shaping the tech industry around the world.

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New research on the state of innovation made headlines this month. A new global study from Pegasystems on the state of business complexity highlights the need for innovation that reduces complexity and information overload. The report found that nearly three in four employees (71%) believe that the complexity of their work continues to increase as customer demands increase. Information overload makes it difficult to adapt to new challenges and meet changing customer needs.

The Telecom TV/DSP Leaders World Forum has released its framework of best practices for the telecommunications ecosystem. It addresses the need for significant innovation to generate new revenue streams, manage costs, cope with growing complexity, and make networks more robust against threats such as cyberattacks and extreme weather conditions.

New Innovation Labs were announced this month. Oracle has opened the doors to its new 30,000 square foot Oracle Industrial Lab just outside of Chicago, Illinois. The work lab provides customers with a hands-on environment to develop new ideas and create solutions leveraging technology from Oracle and more than 30 industry partners. Amdocs has announced the opening of its Americas 5G Experience Lab in Dallas, Texas. This lab will enable creative organizations serving a connected society to create innovative services leveraging the power of 5G networks.

Innovation partnerships were also announced. Six of the world’s leading telecommunications companies have announced the creation of Alaian, an alliance aimed at connecting the open innovation ecosystems of these leading global telecommunications operators to reach 50 countries and 700 million customers. Tupl and Google Cloud announced their partnership to bring innovative solutions to Google Cloud customers around the world. Itron and Microsoft are expanding their long-term collaboration to accelerate cloud adoption and the next generation of consumer and network edge solutions for the utility and smart city industries. Red Hat and General Motors have partnered to advance software-defined vehicles to the edge by building an innovation ecosystem around the Red Hat embedded operating system. Finally, Solstar Space and Microsoft are collaborating to make in-space Wi-Fi available to support sub-orbit, LEO, and cis-lunar and lunar surface operations.

In the smart stuff news, Airspan Networks and Guident are working together to provide customers with connectivity and software solutions for autonomous vehicle and smart city use cases, using the CBRS spectrum. Hyundai is collaborating with Wind River to accelerate the development of next-generation smart and connected vehicles. Amdocs will acquire MYCOM OSI as part of its strategy to create an intelligent world powered by 5G.

In network news, a new GSMA report warns that market imbalances between network operators and online service providers could jeopardize global growth prospects across multiple sectors of the internet-based economy. Internet.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance announced the release of Wi-Fi Sensing – Deployment Guidelines, the latest in a series of deployment guidelines designed to help the industry, WBA members, and a wide range of businesses from different vertical industries. understand the technology, its use cases, market opportunities and more.

In the United States, the FCC announced that it was ready to authorize $200 million through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund for new broadband deployments in 26 states and the Northern Mariana Islands, bringing the service to more of 230,000 pitches.

News from the field trials highlighted the innovation in the evolution of the network. Teleste participated in the first successful cascade demonstration of DOCSIS 4.0 spread-spectrum amplifiers on a 1.8 GHz network which was recently completed at CableLabs’ 10G Showcase in the United States. Zayo and Equinix announced the successful completion of a 400 Gbps trial, connecting London and Paris data centers over Zayo’s undersea fiber optic network. The trial marks the latest joint innovation between the companies as they prepare for the growing need to move ever-increasing volumes of data faster.