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Engageware Achieves Historic Milestone in Tech Industry by Allowing Consumers to Schedule Over 1 Billion Appointments

Corporate Appointment Scheduling Pioneer Powers ‘By Appointment’ Economy

TEWKSBURY, Mass., January 11, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Engaging Software, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions, today announced that more than one billion appointments have been scheduled through its award-winning appointment scheduling software. Fifth Third Bank, a long-time Engageware customer, successfully scheduled the billionth appointment to support the purchase of a home loan.

This appointment represents the evolution of appointment in business from an innovative approach to customer interaction many years ago to an essential part of customer engagement today. Market leaders in all industries, including retail (David’s Bridal, Crate & Barrel), financial services (Fifth Third Bank, Regions Bank), healthcare (Quest Diagnostics) and hundreds more , trust Engageware Appointment Scheduling to differentiate their service offerings, optimize business efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.

Booking over a billion appointments is a momentous occasion that demonstrates the growing demand for appointment booking and how essential technology has become in providing customers with a more personalized and engaging experience. It’s obvious how much consumers have latched onto the practice of planning when you consider the following depiction of the billion reach:

  • On average, each appointment lasts thirty-nine minutes. Therefore, one billion appointments equals over 74,200 years or over 27 million days of planned customer interactions.

  • A billion appointments represent at least $350 billion in business value.

Engageware created the appointment booking category over twenty years ago, leading the way in the appointment economy. COVID has accelerated the commercial need and consumer demand for pre-scheduled individual engagements. 2021 saw more appointments than any other year in Engageware’s history, demonstrating that appointment scheduling has become an essential part of customer engagement best practices.

Bill Clark, CEO of Engageware, said, “We pioneered the concept of online appointment booking over 20 years ago with a vision to transform the way organizations interact and connect with customers. The first date was a game-changer, and while the have evolved tremendously based on our partnerships with our customers, our mission remains the same: to help organizations deliver high-value customer engagements that drive measurable growth. . »

The economic benefits of business engagements initiated by appointment are substantial. Appointment booking is now a powerful tool for converting Internet users into in-store buyers, capturing customers at the height of their interest and delivering on the promise of a more human and personalized shopping experience. According to Engageware research, date buyers spend three more time than walk-ins. Additionally, financial institutions using appointment scheduling booked 118% more loans in Q2 21 than the industry average from a study of Q2 2021 data from the FDIC and the NCUA.

The Engageware Solution generates real business impact and facilitates deeper customer engagement through personalization. Increase conversion and revenue generation, appointment booking translates to big dollars. The intuitive design is simple to use, delivering high-value, frictionless end-to-end, cross-channel interactions that delight customers. Additionally, the solution provides analytical data and insights to improve customer service satisfaction levels, drive measurable growth, and drive efficiencies across the organization.

Eric Dixon, Assistant Vice President of Omni-Channel CRM, Consumer Solutions Group at Regions Bank, said, “Our goal at Regions Bank is to build relationships with the customer and ensure that we have an integrated focus, by finding out what their life goals are and helping them each client has the financial freedom and stability to achieve them.The ability to offer personalized, individual appointments and expertly match the customers to the right resource has been instrumental in driving new and existing customer engagement.”

David’s Bridal has made key changes to its strategy with a focus on customer service, appointment scheduling and “virtual style”, making in-store and virtual consultations supported by Engageware. “Appointment scheduling is an important part of our customer-centric strategy. It puts customers center stage and gives our employees a powerful planning tool to ensure they can provide the best possible personalized service for every appointment,” said Bob Walker, Director of retail for David’s Bridal.

Clark added, “Achieving a milestone of this magnitude is incredible and represents a new era for customer engagement. A billion of anything is extraordinarily rare. Engageware’s technology and category expertise.”

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