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IT Hiring in the Global Tech Industry Drops 9.0% in June 2022

The global technology industry saw a 9.0% decline in IT recruitment activity in June 2022 compared to the previous month, led by International Business Machines 9.19%, according to the Jobs Analytics database of GlobalData.

Overall tech industry hiring activity was down 8.01% from May 2022.

Notably, IT jobs accounted for a 26.15% share of global tech industry hiring activity in June 2022, down 0.22% from the average share for the past three months.

According to GlobalData, IT job openings available at the end of June 2022 were 9.75% lower than the previous month.

This decrease is the result of a 24.54% increase in job offers compared to job cuts during the month.

Software and web developers, programmers and testers drive IT recruiting activity

Software and web developers, programmers and testers, with a share of 59.33%, emerged as the top IT occupation in technology hiring activity in June 2022, down 20.98% from the last month. Database and network administrators and architects come second with a share of 14.74% in June 2022, down 16.17% from the previous month.

Other significant IT roles include IT and information analysts with a share of 12.4% in June 2022, down 12.81% from the previous month, and IT support specialists with a share of 6 .35% in June 2022 and a decrease of 17.5% compared to May 2022. .

Top 5 tech companies by hiring activity in June 2022

The top five companies, by number of jobs tracked by GlobalData, represented a combined average decline of 26.4% in the share of overall IT recruitment activity in the global technology industry in June 2022 compared to May 2022.

International Business Machines posted 4,132 IT jobs in June 2022 and recorded a decline of 26.62% from the previous month, followed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone with 2,164 jobs and growth of 1.31%. Accenture with 2,111 IT jobs and Oracle with 1,416 jobs, saw a drop of 48.4% and a drop of 20.36%, respectively, while Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson saw a drop of 11.72% with 1,281 job offers in June 2022.

Regional Composition of IT Hiring in the Tech Industry

North America became the top region for global IT hiring activity in June 2022 with a share of 49.88%, down 5.5% from compared to the previous month.

Asia-Pacific comes next with 32.4%, registering a 29.71% decrease month-on-month. Europe was the third leading region with a share of 14.89% and a decrease of 28.08% compared to May 2022.

South and Central America was in fourth place with a share of 1.51% and a monthly decline of 32.17%. The Middle East and Africa is at the bottom of the table with a share of 1.32%, registering a decrease of 13.77% compared to the previous month.