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Keeping up with technology trends, ViewSonic showcases and showcases best-in-class high-end portable projectors at What Hi-Fi 2022

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Keeping up with technology trends, ViewSonic showcases and showcases best-in-class high-end portable projectors at What Hi-Fi 2022

Posted May 26, 2022

~ Launches its latest award-winning X1000-4K+ LED soundbar projector in India ~

~ Developing a new era of lampless technology, ViewSonic introduces projectors like the X Series – X2000B-4K, X11-4KP and X1, M2e, LS550WHP ~

ViewSonic India, one of the world’s leading visual solution providers, is participating in one of India’s premier home entertainment events, What Hi-Fi. Emphasizing technological innovations and moving towards sustainability, the company is implementing lampless technology in its projection segment. Showcasing this technology, the company today launched the Lampless X1000-4K+ LED Soundbar Projector in India at Suite No. 1212, St. Regis Hotel, Lower Parel, Mumbai. Strengthening its presence in the projector category, the company introduced the entire range of home entertainment projectors under one roof. From portable projectors such as M2e to the X11-4KP smart home projector, the company also introduced the high-end X2000B-4K projector enhancing the home with elegance and high-tech solutions.

What Hi-Fi Show allows audiences to experience the best home entertainment products, observe cutting edge technology and share integrated ideas with experts, dealers and distributors. The three-day event from May 26-28 will also further engage interior designers and AV enthusiasts.

Ergonomically and seamlessly designed, the award-winning X1000-4K+ LED Soundbar Projector is an ultra-short-throw smart LED projector. Possessing a world-class design, the product is perfectly blended with metallic paint, speaker fabric and elegantly curved mesh, creating a minimalist and unique modern artwork. Additionally, the product comes with a custom 40W Harman Kardon soundbar, delivering crystal clear sound perfect for music and movies. Combining a projector and soundbar in a package that blends interior design cues with high-tech appeal, projector features also include improved brightness and superior color display (125% Rec. 709), with a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

Seamlessly blending into consumer lifestyles and living spaces, ViewSonic’s X-Series complements the attractive look of the home. With the What Hi-fi event, the company is offering a first experience of the entire Series X range together. Featuring stunning aesthetics and superior performance, the X Series smart models bring your smart home to life. These user-friendly smart projectors fit perfectly into any room, from large to small spaces. Adding superiority to its features, the projectors are combined with 4K UHD HDR, Harman Kardon speakers, Instant On/Off and Supercolor technology providing a complete home audiovisual experience.

As the industry sees a shift towards sustainability, lampless technology is becoming widespread in the projection segment. Compared to traditional projectors, LED and laser projectors are much more modern, being environmentally friendly and offering more incredible lifespans. Plus, it offers better brightness, vivid color gamut, power efficiency, reliability, and durability, all while keeping the game going. As a result, ViewSonic has upgraded and implemented trending technology in its product portfolio. Recently, ViewSonic has taken another step by becoming the No. 1 LED projector brand in India and the No. 2 LED projector brand in the world.

Mr. Muneer Ahmad, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India, said, “One of the most anticipated and exciting events of this year – What Hi-Fi has just begun and we are delighted to be part of this exhibition. Platforms like these help us interact with experts and understand the finer details of the industry. This year we are launching and showcasing our full line of home entertainment products that cater to both the affordable and premium segments. Our X-Series complements the interior layout, enhancing the theater-like experience and keeping an innovative design aesthetic to match.

The platform is the perfect solution to launch the globally recognized and award-winning X1000-4K+ LED Soundbar Projector in India. This projector is a definite buy for OTT/cinema enthusiasts; integrated with beautiful sound and captivates the environment with positive vibes. In addition to this, we are also showcasing some of our exclusive home entertainment products with state-of-the-art technology. These large-format events provide multiple opportunities for the brand, such as understanding the industry scenario, consumer needs, and various technological developments. It also creates significant opportunities to grow our business, our products and strengthen our presence. We aim to grow, lead our business exponentially and become a market leader in the industry. »

ViewSonic X1000-4K+ Ultra Short Throw Smart LED Soundbar Projector

Introducing its award-winning X1000-4K+ Ultra Short Throw Smart LED Soundbar Projector to the Indian market, ViewSonic is eager to embrace the living space of its consumers with its aesthetic design. The unique proposition built into the product is a 40W Harman Kardon soundbar giving your home perfect acoustics. Additionally, delivering the ultimate viewing experience with 4K HDR and true-to-life colors, the projector is highly constrained with the theater experience.

The projector offers 4K UHD visuals and an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.25 that projects a 100″ image from just 38cm away. It’s also integrated with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in app center, making it easy to stream content. The projector is also integrated with Dynamic Black technology revealing all the hidden details and the frame interpolation technology reduces blur and allows smooth delivery of fast moving images.

ViewSonic X2000B-4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector

At the event, ViewSonic also experienced first-hand its first X2000B-4K ultra-short-throw laser projector. The product is upgraded with built-in 50W custom Harman Kardon speakers (10W tweeter x2 and 15W woofer) delivering room-filling sound, while Dolby and DTS support provides (channel 5.1 recommended) intense and resonant audio reproduction. which features true 4K UHD resolution, HDR/HLG support and 100% Rec.709 cinematic color. This projector is designed with the latest generation laser phosphor technology and can provide up to 20,000 hours of use.

Enhancing the home theater experience, the projector features high-speed Wi-Fi that allows users to wirelessly share and stream videos and movies from compatible smart devices.

ViewSonic X11-4KP HDR Short Throw Smart Portable LED Projector

Lightweight and easy to carry, the ViewSonic X11- 4KP UHD portable projector comes with HDR/HLG support and advanced 3rd generation LED technology. The projector can be set up seamlessly and is equipped with instant autofocus, H/V keystone and 4 angle settings allowing for side projection. With 3rd generation LED technology, the projector is eco-friendly, energy efficient, mercury-free and has a longer lifespan. It also delivers crystal-clear visuals in true 4K UHD resolution, cinematic colors covering 125% Rec.709, and exceptional sound quality thanks to custom sets of 16W Harman Kardon built-in tweeters and hoops.

ViewSonic X1 – Smart LED Home Projector

Introducing its first high-brightness LED smart home projector, ViewSonic X1 is a Full HD LED projector delivering an immersive viewing experience. It is powered by 3rd generation LED technology and a lifespan of 30,000 hours, further eliminating the need for frequent replacement of toxic mercury lamps. The projector comes with 3,000 LED lumens of brightness and 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy delivers bright, stunning cinematic colors for big screen entertainment. With an easy setup feature, the product also delivers great sound with 12W Harman Kardon speakers.