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The edtech industry is advancing at a breakneck pace thanks to industry collaboration and efforts, as shown by METAEDU 21

The METAEDU 21 event came to a complete end last month with a blast and we’re going to give a little recap of what happened there.

Organized by the Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), the administrative agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, in collaboration with the Institute for Information Industry (III) and the Institute of Digital Education (DEI), the event unfolds on a model hybrid seminar/webinar that brings together stakeholders from the education technology (EdTech) industry where they provide feedback, share experience, and define future visions for the transformation of the university sector already underway in response to the global pandemic.

According to the Taiwan EdTech Industry Survey Report in 2021, EdTech in Taiwan generated a total of $16.4 billion, a growth of 220.9% from 2020. , is not it ? Yes, and the EdTech boom is being contributed by demands for teaching materials which cover more than 80% of the multi-billion figure, the rest being communication products, cloud video and learning platforms, and teaching assistance devices, among other deployment requirements. Therefore, METAEDU 21 strives to bring long-term collaborations between industry players and stakeholders across the globe to accelerate and stabilize the growth of EdTech for years to come.

The event revolves around 3 major themes: Innovative Broadcast, Talent Cultivation and Ecosystem Integration over 5 days, from November 1 to November 5, with the HolonIQ online forum being the highlight of the 1st day, because many award-winning companies shared their activities. ideas and future development plans and I’m not kidding, HolonIQ is the leading global impact intelligence platform that has helped EdTech events in the Middle East, Africa and Asia accelerate with Taiwan receiving the Taiwan 50 EdTech award for the very first time.

During the other 3 days, there are online webinars, including the International Online Forum on Reading Education 2021, where experts from the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization ( SEAMEO) and representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Communications (Pusdatin) are invited to explore and share the goal of digital equality through technology with the last day covering the financial sub-category as international investment experts, overseas startup teams, and research institutes giving lectures on the aspect of investment cooperation and necessary conditions alongside trends, transformation, and future expectations for EdTech.

Highlights from the event and some other practical details can be acquired via the official recap video below.