Technology trends

The latest technology trends in programming

For software developers, 2020 has been a pretty big year. This is mainly due to a global pandemic which has put more digitization into perspective.

Software and website development are crucial aspects of any business today, making developers and programmers an integral part of the organization. Thanks to them, organizations and businesses can thrive, innovate and survive.

If you’re excited for 2022 and want to know what it would bring to software developers, here are the latest programming technology trends you need to know about.

AI will continue to soar

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been in fashion for a few years. In fact, we will continue to talk about it and work on it in 2022 as well. This is mainly due to its contributions to the way we live, play and work.

You can see artificial intelligence in voice and image recognition, mobile assistants, navigation apps, carpooling apps and more.

In the coming times, AI will be used for pattern recognition and interaction analysis to gain insights for hospitals and businesses so that relevant authorities can make informed decisions regarding the use of resources. . By analyzing customer behavior, AI will help improve personalized experiences and businesses.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, you should know that by 2025, artificial intelligence will become a $190 billion industry. With this growth, there will be a surplus of jobs in programming, development, support, and testing, to name a few.

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Automation of robotic processes

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is an automation industry. RPA uses software to automate various processes, including transaction processing, application interpretation, data management, email response, and more. RPA will significantly reduce repetitive tasks for people.

Although you may think that automation will threaten the jobs of many people, which unfortunately it will, it will also create many alternative jobs, including developer, business analyst, project manager, consultant , Solution Architect and more.

Java will continue to be at the top of all other programming languages

Java has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most popular and widely used languages. Java will continue to dominate the world of programming languages ​​as it would power many applications.

The reason for such popularity and acceptance of Java is its simplicity and ease of reading. Additionally, new versions of Java are released in such a way that older applications remain functional. Due to its capabilities, Java is used in the creation of many websites, such as LinkedIn, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

The rise of blockchain

Another of the buzzwords is Blockchain. It is a fairly new concept and is used for cryptocurrency. However, its potential remains huge as it is expected to become a $30.7 billion industry by 2027. It can be used as smart contracts for various industries.

As more and more industries use Blockchain, there is an increased demand for skilled professionals. As a blockchain professional, you can develop and implement blockchain technology architecture and solution.

If you are interested in Blockchain and the many applications it has, now is the perfect time to start a career in this field. To be able to have hands-on experience with Blockchain, you will need to have commands in programming languages, the basics of OOPS, relational and flat databases, and web application development, networking, and data structures .

The Multi-Cloud

You must have already heard of the different cloud platforms available in the market. There are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, as well as Google Cloud.

As more companies are using it now, the multi-cloud spectrum will grow in the coming years. Although he was reluctant at first, Amazon is also present in this market, which makes it very easy for programmers to use Multiple Clouds.

Edge Computing

Speaking of Cloud, there is an emerging trend known as Edge Computing that is gaining traction. Cloud computing can cause latency issues. To counter this, programmers can now get data “from the periphery” to process.

Edge Computing is used to manage time-sensitive data in places where connectivity is an issue. In such a situation, edge computing acts as a mini data center.

With edge computing, IoT devices will also increase. The world The edge computing market could reach around $6.72 billion in 2022. With this growth, there will be many jobs, especially for software engineers.

With edge computing, you can pursue a career as:

  • Cloud infrastructure engineer
  • Cloud Reliability Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

And many more jobs as Edge Computing continues to grow.

Virtual and augmented reality

Another big trend is that of virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality is used to immerse users in another environment, while augmented reality is used to enhance their environment. Both of these technology trends have been used in US Army and Navy games and training.

In 2022, these technological trends will become more integrated into our daily lives. Both augmented reality and virtual reality have enormous potential in entertainment, training, marketing, education and rehabilitation. Doctors can use it to train in surgery, businesses can improve users’ shopping experience, and entertainment centers can provide an exciting experience for attendees.

You may think this is too advanced a level for you to accomplish. However, you will be surprised to know that even with basic programming skills, you can land a virtual reality or augmented reality job.

One last word

In this article, we have listed the major emerging trends in technology and programming.

Although this list is not exhaustive, these trends will continue to bring promising careers and futures. Moreover, most of these technologies welcome new professionals. Therefore, now is the right time for you to start your programming career, get educated, familiarize yourself with these trending programming technologies, and position yourself as an outstanding professional.