Technology industry

The XXVII High-tech Industry Congress has begun

This Friday, the XXVII Congress of the High Technology Industry organized by the National Chamber of Telecommunications and Information Technology Industry (CANIETI) in the Western Region was inaugurated in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta .

The Director of Tourism and Economic Development, Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez, with the representation of the Municipal President, was assisted by Ludwig Estrada Virgen, who insisted that progress for change would only be achieved by remaining at the forefront, and currently Jalisco is positioned as the main exporter of technology to Mexico.

“This Congress is the platform for networking and technology updates with access to the leaders of the high technology ecosystem, an event that brings together high technology and companies with a single vision: not only to benefit productivity and competitiveness of the sector Strengthen efforts to deliver Not in Puerto Vallarta, but throughout our western region.

The Congress was inaugurated by the Governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and the act was also attended by the National President of CANIETI, Enrique Yamuni Robles, President of CANIETI Occidente, Dina Grijalva Varillas, and the Coordinator of the industrialist from Jalisco, César Castro. Rodriguez, among others.

XXVII CIAT aims to carry out a program aimed at both the high-tech ecosystem and the strategic sectors of Jalisco, promoting the interaction and understanding of technological trends and the benefits of technological adoption in various industries.