Technology trends

Upcoming Technology Trends Shaping the Online Entertainment Industry

Many of us working with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), real-time capture technology (RTC), etc., knew that these would eventually find their way into the mainstream media. and entertainment. Yet we also recognized that this sea change was unlikely to happen overnight.

Due to the clear use cases and easier adaptation, many people working in this technology area turned to industry and business few years ago. But it’s been more than a year since the global outbreak put many of us in lockdown, and the entertainment industry has been hit hard. Concerts, live events and cinemas have all almost disappeared suddenly. The union of technologists, artists, filmmakers and creators has resulted in several twists in online entertainment that we have seen and are still anticipating.


Full-body tracking is expected to run its course over the next few years, allowing users to follow their body in real time. Before long, we’ll see people walking down the street with their augmented reality mixed in with reality glasses, and with that, we’ll see their personalized virtual clothes. Clothing lines should also go this route as it will allow them to showcase their latest and upcoming releases. Fashion shows should also go in the same direction, in particular by employing virtual beings. Soon we will see virtual models walking on stage as if they were real humans.

Unreal engine

“Streaming movies and shows after a tiring day is fantastic, but this latest trend is mind-blowing,” says the editor of LateNightStreaming. “The Unreal Engine has already been used to bring virtual production pipelines to life that have powered big hit shows like Dream and the Mandalorian.”

It is a platform where creators can design realistic virtual characters, unlike in the past. Other avenues where creators will build their stories are planned.

virtual beings

Most of us have seen this trend used in all forms of media. From virtual social influencers like little McKellar to virtual avatars, virtual beings will bring virtual events to life. These virtual beings are supposed to respond intelligently to humans, thanks to built-in GPT3 language models. It will almost be like talking with a real human.

Travis Scott, a popular entertainer, used one to virtualize his concert, and the turnout was crazy. While these trends in the entertainment industry are satisfying, they could make some people jobless. Nevertheless, we cannot avoid them because they come quickly.