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Washington Technology Industry Association Announces First Annual DEI Award Winners

SEATTLE, December 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering a strong, equity-focused technology sector that empowers thriving communities, celebrates today Fellow Code, amperage and Sensitization as winners of its first edition DEI Awards. WTIA recognized these three SeattleAlgiers-based companies to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals across their organizations.

“I am incredibly proud to recognize today the hard work of Code Fellows, Amperity and Outreach,” said Yolánda Chase, Director of Diversity, WTIA. “The impact of these three organizations goes far beyond their own walls – they are paving the way for what the future of DEI programming can and should look like in all businesses, of all sizes, everywhere.”


Code Fellows, the Pacific Northwest’s premier technical skills training academy, received the award for companies with fewer than 50 employees. To date, Code Fellows has awarded over $4 million in scholarships to help more than 1,600 students start careers in the tech industry, while the company’s bias-free hiring platform enables employers to recruit and hire talented developers without revealing gender , race and other identities to eliminate unconscious biases from hiring practices. Code Fellows also offers monthly DEI training for all staff.

“The simple truth is that technology is reshaping the modern world like never before. But who knows technology well enough to define the direction in which we are headed? If we really want to see technology solve the most pressing problems of the future, we need a diverse technical workforce, supported by inclusive work environments, with equitable power structures,” said Riggio Creek, vice president of education, Code Fellows. “If we can ensure that the future of technological power is not just in the hands of a white elite, but available to everyone, black and white, Latinx and indigenous, women, men, non-binary, queer and straight…then we can meet the most significant challenges of today’s times.”

Category: 51-250 Employees

Amperity, an enterprise customer data platform designed for customer-centric brands, was honored in the 51-250 employee category, after achieving its recruiting goal of increasing overall employee representation by 10%. people of color in the company and achieve its goal of a 10 percent increase in the representation of women company-wide. Amperity also set up a diversity committee to evolve the corporate culture to become more inclusive, and ensured that at least one woman, person of color and/or LGBTQ+ person was among the interviewers. for each candidate.

“At Amperity, our people are our greatest asset,” said Kabir Chahani, co-founder and CEO of Amperity. “Fostering a culture where every member of the team can bring their unique and authentic selves is not an afterthought for us; it is a priority. A diverse, inclusive and equitable culture cannot develop by accident – ​​c “is the result of empowering employees and standing up for their values. We are honored to be recognized by the Washington Technology Industry Association and look forward to continuing our DE&I work.”

Category: 251+ Employees

By embedding DEI principles into key people practices – including performance reviews and onboarding – the Outreach Sales Engagement Platform was recognized in the 251+ employee category. Outreach created a more inclusive culture through training and education, formed nine employee resource groups, and established a working committee and DEI charter. Additionally, the company updated its values ​​statement with more inclusive language and partnered with diversity-focused recruiting and internship organizations to counter bias.

“Diversity is our strength – at Outreach as a business, across technology and sales, as a country and as a global community,” said Manny Medina, co-founder and CEO of Outreach. “Fostering a diverse, fair and inclusive workplace has been a core principle of Outreach since day one. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to work in their true light every day. As a Latino founder who has immigrant from Ecuador, it’s something I think about every day. Not only is advancing DEI the right thing to do, but as we build our business and our leadership team, we realize significant value by having different perspectives around the table. It’s an honor to be recognized by the Washington Technology Industry Association, and we look forward to inviting and empowering an even more diverse workforce in the future. »

Code Fellows, Amperity and Outreach were celebrated at the first WTIA DEI Summit, which brought together C-suite, diversity, HR and community engagement leaders in the tech industry to share best practices and lessons learned in advancing diversity goals in an era of heightened awareness and increased accountability for racial justice. The event also commemorated the first year of the WTIA’s efforts to eradicate systems of inequality in the technology sector, led by the Anti-racism in Tech Pact. WTIA staff reviewed entries based on the strength of their responses to questions, focusing on details, explanation of measurable goals and impact, as measured by reported engagement, etc.

About WTIA

the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) is a consortium that includes a non-profit Member Trade Association, a non-profit Technology Learning Intermediary (Apprentice), and a for-profit Business Services Company (HRBI). The organization’s mission is to foster a strong, equity-focused technology sector that empowers thriving communities. We recruit technology companies and allies who value diversity as a competitive advantage, value collaboration as essential to sustainable growth, and fully embrace the opportunity to partner with and empower the communities in which we operate.

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